• "A picture is only an image of the reality. Reality is that our clients always come back"

Interior Gallery



We work with a holistic approach in mind, partnering with local and international designers and architects to offer you a full 3D design and space planning solution – all tailored to each project, in one package. And with projects that combine an array of materials such as wood, leather, stone, glass and metal, each MAVENCI design has its own story to tell.

Outdoor Gallery



Working on the island of Mauritius, we know the joy of sitting outside in the warm sun with a cold beer.

We manufacture outdoor timber products for individuals clients, hotels and other big scale projects. And we offer turnkey packages available that include pergolas, timber, roofs and the most advanced timber decking system on the market – internationally awarded, and coming with our exclusive 7 year Limited Warranty, the AIRDECK. Whatever you’re looking for, MAVENCI has a solution that’s right for you.




Bespoke is better. It doesn’t matter if it’s hand-carving of complex shapes, the manufacturing of a wooden dress, or even creating the signature bar in a hotel lobby – MAVENCI is up for the challenge. Our unique approach means we fashion wood in ways unlike anything else, combining our years of skill with daring designs to create something a little like magic, like MAVENCI.