A few words about us

A table can be more than just a table. It can bring families and friends together. It’s a place to share meals and memories. We create the spaces where people create memories. At MAVENCI, our bespoke furniture and fitting designs help tell a story. For almost 50 years, we’ve been helping our clients create spaces that help people relax and unwind, or to feel at home when they’re thousands of miles from it.

Contact us

Our dedicated team will be pleased to take any of your requests by phone or email. And would you wish to visit us at our premises to discuss further on how we may contribute to your project, please make yourself at home.

A : 90808, La Joliette, Petite Riviere, Mauritius
T : (+230) 233 0420/54
F : (+230) 233 0443
E : info@mavenci.com
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